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How Can Friends & Family Help Me Buy a House?

Down Payments, amiright? The downpayment on a house is a hefty sum. We’re not even talking the full 20% to avoid PMI, even just the 3% to get a basic FHA loan can truly be a financial burden. It takes a village to raise a child, but good hell, these days it takes a village

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Buying a House Using a Government Grant

The year is 2017, and the housing market, fairly typical. There was average competition, room for negotiation, and a surplus of inventory. Buying a house felt like the methodical and logical process it should be, where we can factor in everything. We happened across a down payment assistance program, and it was the BEST factor

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Why a School Took on the Problem of Homeownership

Why a School Took on the Problem of First-Time Homeownership Study after study has shown clear links between a family’s housing stability and their child’s educational attainment. Enabling access to down payment assistance lifts up families, children and communities. That’s why One City Schools agreed to serve as the pilot site last year for Own

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What it’s like to Talk With a Mortgage Broker

What’s it like to talk with a Mortgage Broker? A person is a person, whether they’re a stranger you pass on the street or the current U.S. President. So why do we clam up when we have to talk to perfect strangers about our financial eligibility to buy a house?  Well, probably because we HAVE

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Can I Use my 401K or Roth IRA for my Downpayment?

Disclaimer: Listen, it wouldn’t be prudent for us to start this article without a HEAVY warning. Using your 401K or IRA for the down payment of your house is not a circumstance that should be frequently used or considered. Doing this could benefit a very niche group of people in specific circumstances (that you must

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The Purpose of a Pre-Approval

A pre-approval from a mortgage lender helps you plan for your maximum house budget. It’s a soft inquiry on your credit, and isn’t tied to a specific house. The amount you get approved for is what the lender feels comfortable saying: (1) we will likely lend you that money, (2) we feel comfortable with your

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